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About Aneta ThinkOfAll*

* Name change made so last name embodies her work promoting conscious thoughtfulness via a mental shift from self-based thinking to 'I Need to Think Of All' when making a choice.

Aneta's career spans over 25 years in the corporate world where she worked, primarily, in the telecom industry at AT&T and Sprint. She also worked at many Fortune 500 companies within other industries e.g. IT, financial services, and biotech. She is a seasoned trainer, facilitator, analyst, consultant, speaker, and,  most recently, an author.


When 9/11 happened in NYC, Aneta experienced an emotionally tragic event that she later began referring to it as her 'personal 9/11'. Parallel to this event in her own life, she also witnessed three tragedies of other people dying that were, sadly,all  caused by their own unconscious choice. As you can imagine, those tragedies affected not only themselves, but their families,  co-workers, extended families, friends, etc as is the case with any tragedy when innocent victims are killed....thus the name 'personal 911'.

After her 'personal 9/11' event happened, Aneta developed a heightened awareness of how frequently people talk about how something happened. Realizing a thing is a tangible item e.g. a phone or computer, Aneta shifted her mindset from seeing the news as something that happened to seeing whatever  happened as an external result caused by an internal choice.

This heightened awareness launched a 10-year research effort to develop a simple way that literally everyone can use to make thoughtful choices and decisions. Her research is an extension of the work of Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Herbert Simon, who studied how people make their choices and decisions.

In summary, his research revealed that people make decisions based on self-interest whether the motive is saintly, sinful, or in-between. Simply put, we do what we want to do to get our needs met or motives fulfilled. Sadly, selfish choices are made that hurt others e.g. crimes of any kind.

Combining the findings of Dr. Simon with over 10 years of her own research compiled from sources such as Harvard, brain-compatible learning techniques, and a multitude of resources on this topic coupled with usage of her business process improvement expertise from over 25 years in the business world, Aneta developed various workshops that provide ways for people to be more aware of their choices and decisions. Also, she developed simply techniques to understand the impact of one's choices on one's future as well as on others in a person's personal, professional, and social life.


Aneta is a member of Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Violence Prevention Coalition - Greater Los Angeles, End Abuse Coalition of Long Beach, and Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. She has held many leadership positions in community service organizations and served in an elected position as precinct councilwoman. She has also served on the board of OC-SAPN, Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network.

Most recently, she partners with socially conscious activists and organizations who working in their respective areas and ways to promote respectfulness in their diverse communities. For more info re this, visit